Premium Lamb Packs

Black Angus Beef Packages

Moppity Meats takes extra care in ensuring our Black Angus Beef is of the highest quality. The cattle are taken direct from our farm to the local abattoir in Cootamundra. The carcasses are then hung for a minimum of 12 days to ensure the carcass is “set” properly and the meat is tender. As with our lambs, our beef is processed at the local butcher, Gary Gourmet Meats.

What you receive

One box of Moppity Meats Premium Black Angus Beef consists of the following cuts. All product is “fresh” and vacuum packed. You will receive the product 1-2 days after it has been produced.

Average Carton Weight: 11kg

2 x T-Bone Steaks
(Approx 400gm each)

2 x Rib Eye Steaks
(Approx 200gm each)

2 x Rump Steaks
(Approx 250gm each)

1 x Eye Fillet Steak
(Approx 200gm each)

1 x Sirloin Steak
(Approx 300gm each)

1 x Minute Steaks Pack
(Approx 500gm)

1 x Beef Roast
(Approx 1kg)

1 x Diced Beef
(Approx 1kg)

1 x Stripped Beef
(Approx 1kg)

1 x Corned Silverside
(Approx 1kg)

2 x Lean Beef Mince
(Approx 1kg per pack)

2 x Gluten Free Beef Sausages
(Approx 1kg per pack)